Seattle Room Collections

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The Seattle Room, located on Level 10 of the Central Library, houses thousands of items from Seattle’s culture and local history.

Seattle Room Digital Collections

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Browse items online from the Seattle Room through our Seattle Room Digital Collections. Explore the history of the city through postcards, photographs, periodicals, maps, menus and more.

African American Collection

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One of the largest collections of African American literature and history on the West Coast. The collection features more than 10,000 items, including biographies, magazines, literature, music and films.

Autograph Collection

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View approximately 4,800 autographed letters, photographs, and standard autograph forms, spanning the years 1750-1970.

Aviation Collection

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Find resources relating to aeronautics and astronautics world-wide, from the earliest attempts in human flight to rocketry and space exploration.

Genealogy Collection


Dating from 1926, our Genealogy Collection, located on Level 9 of the Central Library, is the largest and primary genealogy resource in Washington State and consists of more than 40,000 bound volumes as well as periodicals, pamphlets, and microfilm.

LGBTQ+ Collection

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Explore our collection of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer fiction and nonfiction books on diverse topics for young adult and adult interests.

Map Collection

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Get hands-on with our extensive collection of maps, including National Parks and local recreation, road maps, as well as over 4,000 sheet maps for checkout and reference.

Maritime & Fishing Industry Collection

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Explore our collection of maritime and fishing industry nonfiction books on diverse topics.

Zine Collection

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Discover more than 30,000 zines, minicomics and other self-published and small press titles.