• Chut Sing Bakery Menu

    Chut Sing Bakery Menu

    Opened in 1977 by four non-Chinese women - Leslee Engler, Pattie Rudiger, Cherie Furtado, and Cheryl Tyler - who met in Tai Chi class, this bakery served Chinese pastries. The owners taught themselves to make their baked goods from cookbooks and trial-and-error.

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  • Cinnamon's Dinner Menu

    Cinnamon's Dinner Menu

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  • Moscow Restaurant, December 9, 1953

    Moscow Restaurant, December 9, 1953

    Lenggenhager, Werner W., 1899-1988

    Seattle; Wash. Moscow Restaurant; Lakeview Blvd. Long a landmark in Seattle this Russian restaurant makes a picturesque scene. Photograph 1953.

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    Date: 1953-12-09

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  • SGS Bulletin, v.6, no. 3, Nov. 1956

    SGS Bulletin, v.6, no. 3, Nov. 1956

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    Date: Nov. 1956

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  • Café Society Menu

    Café Society Menu

    Opened in May of 1976 by Karen Mundell and Raymond Cox, Café Society was a small, 40-seat restaurant in the St. Charles Hotel Building. It mainly served lunch, and dinner only on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Everything was house-made, including their baked goods. Larry Brown, in The Seattle Times, enjoyed Cafe Society's food and atmosphere in a 1976 review. It closed in 1988.

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    Date: Unknown

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