• Walking Great Britain

    Walking Great Britain

    Hansen, Heather

    "Detailed full-color guide introduces active travelers to some of the 63 best trails in Great Britain, with history, cultural, and literary highlights, ecological and geological tidbits"--

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  • Frommer's EasyGuide to New Orleans

    Frommer's EasyGuide to New Orleans

    Schwam, Diana K.

    "Few cities anywhere are as vibrant, historically rich, and just plain fun as New Orleans. But it's not a "dummy proof" destination. Too many travelers leave town wondering what all the fuss is about. That doesn't happen to those carrying this book. Written by travel experts Diana K. Schwam and Lavinia Spalding, Frommer's EasyGuide to New Orleans introduces travelers to the experiences other visitors miss; and has the type of insightful commentary on the iconic sights that brings them to life. The book includes special sections for those who are visiting during Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest; and day trips...

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  • Work Jerks

    Work Jerks

    Carnachan, Louise

    Louise Carnachan has helped thousands of people thrive at work by improving relationships with their colleagues; here, she provides concrete, actionable steps to deal with an array of problematic coworkers.

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  • Streaming Now

    Streaming Now

    Stone, Laurie

    "Streaming Now: Postcards from the Thing That Is Happening is a collection of hybrid feminist narratives that perfectly captures the many paradoxes of the COVID-19 pandemic, contrasting the seemingly never-ended public catastrophes we experienced as a collective with the isolated, often-mundane lives we carried out in private. Shifting effortless between social commentary and memoir, glimpses of history and threads of fiction, Stone, a lifelong feminist and longtime contributor to the Village Voice and NPR's Fresh Air, unapologetically observes against the backdrop of a Zoom call the evolution of feminism over the years, the gendered sexual politics underlying Jeffrey Toobin's public...

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  • 101 Hikes in Southern California

    101 Hikes in Southern California

    Harris, David

    "Discover 101 of the best hikes in Southern California, from family outings to 20-mile treks. Mountain, desert, and coast-the beauty of all these environs are just an hour or two from almost any point in the Southland. Authors David Harris and Jerry Schad reveal 101 of the region's very best hiking trails"--

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  • Really Wild Cycling

    Really Wild Cycling

    Sidwells, Chris

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  • The End of the World Is Just the Beginning

    The End of the World Is Just the Beginning

    Zeihan, Peter

    "As isolationism and realism become the dominant values of a previously interconnected world, the logic that motivated international relations and global trade must be reevaluated. Zeihan uses a mixture of geographical knowledge, political history, and sharp analysis to predict the shape of the next twenty years on the world stage"--

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  • The Rise and Reign of the Mammals

    The Rise and Reign of the Mammals

    Brusatte, Stephen

    "Renowned paleontologist and New York Times bestselling author of The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs Steve Brusatte charts the extraordinary story of the dinosaurs' successor: mammals, which emerged from the shadows to rule the Earth"--

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  • How You Get Famous

    How You Get Famous

    Pasulka, Nicole

    "A madcap adventure through a tight-knit world of drag performers making art and mayhem in the greatest city on earth. Ten years ago, an aimless coat check girl better known today as Merrie Cherry sweet-talked her boss into giving her $100 to host a drag show at a Brooklyn dive bar. Soon, kids like Aja were kicking their way into the scene, sneaking into clubs, pocketing their tips to help mom pay the mortgage, and sharing the stage with electric performers like Thorgy Thor and Sasha Velour. Because suddenly, in the biggest, brightest city in America, drag was offering young,...

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  • Everything I Need I Get From You

    Everything I Need I Get From You

    Tiffany, Kaitlyn

    "A thrilling and riotous dive into the world of superfandom, One Direction, and the fangirls who shaped the social internet"--

    Format: Book

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