• My Wife Is Missing

    My Wife Is Missing

    Palmer, Daniel

    "When a woman disappears with her two children, one husband will do anything to find them--even confront the secrets of his own past--in D. J. Palmer's My Wife Is Missing, a twisty thriller from the author of The New Husband.."--

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  • The Crocodile's Kill

    The Crocodile's Kill

    McGillion, Chris

    "FBI Agent Sara Carter is mourning the fact that her father was killed trying to stop the abduction of her half sister years before. It's the reason she became a police officer and the reason for her robust policing style. When that style becomes a problem for her resident agent in charge, she is forced to accept a secondment to Interpol in East Timor. There she is assigned to investigate the abduction of babies in the mountains along the country's southern border with Indonesia. Interpol has reason to believe an international racket is involved."--Amazon.com

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  • Denver Noir

    Denver Noir

    "Even a city that boasts three hundred days of sunshine a year has its sudden, often violent storms-- and writers have long taken advantage of that metaphor. Renowned authors Katherine Anne Porter, Jack Kerouac, Stephen King, Rex Burns, Robert Greer, Michael Connelly, and Kali Fajardo-Anstine-- among many others-- have brilliantly portrayed this picturesque but often merciless city. Today, Denver is home to a thriving literary scene, with writers of all stripes finding inspiration in its people and streets. The authors and stories featured in Denver Noir are no exception--"--back cover.

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  • Child Zero

    Child Zero

    Holm, Chris F.

    "It began four years ago with a worldwide uptick of bacterial infections...[and] public health officials initially dismissed them as unrelated...Antibiotic resistance soon roiled across the globe...Then New York City was ravaged by the most heinous act ofbioterror the world had ever seen...Detective Jacob Gibson...is home caring for his sick daughter when his partner summons him to a sprawling shantytown in Central Park, the apparent site of a mass murder. Jake is startled to discover that, despite a life of abject squalor, the victims died in perfect health--and his only hope of finding answers is a twelve-year-old boy on the run...

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  • Fire and Ice

    Fire and Ice

    Stabenow, Dana

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  • Fine And Bitter Snow

    Fine And Bitter Snow

    Stabenow, Dana

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  • The Lady With the Gun Asks the Questions

    The Lady With the Gun Asks the Questions

    Greenwood, Kerry

    "The elegant Miss Phryne Fisher returns in this scintillating collection, featuring four new stories The Honourable Phryne Fisher-she of the Lulu bob, cupid's bow lips, diamante garters, and pearl-handled pistol-is the 1920s' most elegant and irrepressible sleuth. Miss Phryne Fisher is up to her stunning green eyes in intriguing crime in each of these entertaining, fun, and compulsively readable stories. Whether sniffing out the whereabouts of a priceless pilfered book, an heirloom locket, or a missing eight-year-old girl, Miss Fisher proves herself more than equal to the task-and always fashionably attired. With the ever-loyal Dot, the ingenious Mr. Butler, and...

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  • Razzmatazz


    Moore, Christopher

    "San Francisco, 1947. Bartender Sammy 'Two Toes' Tiffin and the rest of the Cookie's Coffee Irregulars, a ragtag bunch of working mugs last seen in Noir, are on the hustle: they're trying to open a driving school for Chinatown residents; shanghai an abusive Swedish stevedore; get Mable, the local madam, and her girls to a Christmas party at the State Hospital without alerting the overzealous head of the S.F.P.D. vice squad; all while Sammy's girlfriend, Stilton (a.k.a. the Cheese), and her 'Wendy the Welder' gal pals are using their wartime shipbuilding skills on a secret project that might be attracting...

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  • The World of Pondside

    The World of Pondside

    Stefaniak, Mary Helen

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  • Black Gangster

    Black Gangster

    Goines, Donald

    A story of black organized crime follows Prince from his beginning as a teenage ganglord to his position as head of Detroit's powerful mob.

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