• Ordinary Monsters

    Ordinary Monsters

    Miro, J. M.

    "England, 1882. In Victorian London, two children with mysterious powers are hunted by a figure of darkness--a man made of smoke. Sixteen-year-old Charlie Ovid, despite a brutal childhood in Mississippi, doesn't have a scar on him. His body heals itself, whether he wants it to or not. Marlowe, a foundling from a railway freight car, shines with a strange bluish light. He can melt or mend flesh. When a jaded female detective is recruited to escort them to safety, all three begin a journey into the nature of difference, and belonging, and the shadowy edges of the monstrous. What follows...

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  • Rainbow Rainbow

    Rainbow Rainbow

    Conklin, Lydia

    Capturing both the dark and lovable sides of the human experience, a collection of humurous and heartrending stories follows queer, trans and gender-nonconforming characters as they seek love and connection.--

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  • Shifty's Boys

    Shifty's Boys

    Offutt, Chris

    "Mick Hardin is an Army CID officer home on leave, recovering from an IED attack and flirting with prescription painkillers, when a body is found in the center of town. It's Barney Kissick, the local heroin dealer, and the city police see it as an occupational hazard. But when Barney's mother, Shifty, asks Mick to take a look, it seems there's more to the killing than it seems. Mick should be rehabbing his leg, signing his divorce papers, and getting out of town--and most of all, staying out of the way of his sister's reelection as Sheriff--but he keeps on...

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  • Planes


    Baker, Peter C.

    "An urgent, exciting, fiercely intelligent debut novel that goes deep inside the daily lives of two women-one in Rome, the other in North Carolina-to tell a story about the powerful interconnections, both personal and political, unseen and inexorable, that exist beneath the surface of our troubled world. For years, Amira-a recent convert to Islam living in Rome-has gone to work, said her prayers, and struggled to piece together her husband's redacted letters from the CIA black site where he is being detained. She moves as inconspicuously as possible through her modest life, doing her best to avoid the whispered curiosity...

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  • Greenland


    Santos Donaldson, David

    "A dazzling literary debut novel-within-a-novel, in the vein of The Prophets, about a young author writing about the forbidden love affair between E.M. Forster and Mohammed el Adl - in which Mohammed's story collides with his own, blending fact and fiction"--

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  • Aunt Resia and the Spirits and Other Stories

    Aunt Resia and the Spirits and Other Stories

    Lahens, Yanick

    The men and women glimpsed in Lahens's stories are confronted with the overwhelming task of simply staying alive. "The Survivors" unfolds under the Duvalier dictatorship and, centered on a group of men who dream of somehow striking out against the regime, shows how fear is passed down from generation to generation. Life is no simpler in the post-Duvalier world of the title story, in which a young man is caught between a mother who lives a devout life filled with self-imposed restrictions and an exuberant Vodouist aunt who makes no apologies for working in the black market. The twelve-year-old girl...

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  • On Rotation

    On Rotation

    Obuobi, Shirlene

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  • More Than You'll Ever Know

    More Than You'll Ever Know

    Gutierrez, Katie

    An evocative drama about a woman caught leading a double life after one husband murders the other, and the true-crime writer who becomes obsessed with telling her story--this masterful work of literary suspense marks the debut of an extraordinary new writer. In 1985, Dolores "Lore" Rivera marries Andres Russo in Mexico City, even though she is already married to Fabian Rivera in Laredo, Texas, and they share twin sons. Through her career as an international banker, Lore splits her time between two countries and two families, until the truth is revealed and one husband is arrested for murdering the other....

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  • Out of the Clear Blue Sky

    Out of the Clear Blue Sky

    Higgins, Kristan

    "An evocative new novel from the New York Times bestselling author Kristan Higgins. Beware the wrath of a woman scorned-she just might save the world. Lillie knew the empty nest would be hard when her son left for college, but she had no idea of the full extent to which her world would come crashing down-until her husband announced out of the blue that he was in love with another woman, and he would be leaving, too. Besides the fact that this announcement was a complete surprise (to say the least), what surprised her most was that she wasn't...sad. She...

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  • So Happy for You

    So Happy for You

    Laskey, Celia

    "Robin and Ellie have been best friends since childhood.... But when Ellie asks Robin to be her maid of honor, she is reluctant. A queer academic, Robin is dubious of the elaborate wedding rituals now sweeping the nation.... But loyalty wins out, and Robin accepts. Yet, as the wedding weekend approaches, a series of ominous occurrences lead Robin to second-guess her decision. It seems that everyone in the bridal party is out to get her. Perhaps even Ellie herself"--

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