• Great Showdowns

    Great Showdowns

    Campbell, Scott

    "Since the beginning of time, there has been struggle. The epic clash of being against being. Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Triceratops. Giant Squid vs. the Sperm Whale. The Circle vs. the Square. This is a chronicling of some of the greatest confrontations in FILM HISTORY. These are the GREAT SHOWDOWNS. Acclaimed artist Scott Campbell's hugely popular Great Showdowns series returns, following 2012's bestselling first volume"--Amazon.com.

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  • Boy Parts

    Boy Parts

    Clark, Eliza

    Irina obsessively takes explicit photographs of the average-looking men she persuades to model for her, scouted from the streets of Newcastle. Placed on sabbatical from her dead-end bar job, she is offered an exhibition at a fashionable London gallery, promising to revive her career in the art world and offering an escape from her rut of drugs, alcohol, and extreme cinema. The news triggers a self-destructive tailspin, centred around Irina's relationship with her obsessive best-friend, and a shy young man from her local supermarket who has attracted her attention.

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  • The Stronghold

    The Stronghold

    Buzzati, Dino

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  • Flat White Fatality

    Flat White Fatality

    Duncan, Emmeline

    "To top off her coffee business, Sage is now helping out with her boyfriend Bax's gaming company ... That makes it easy for her to pitch in with Bax's employee team-building event. The plan is to boost morale with a scavenger hunt. And it seems to be going well--until Robbie, a programmer known for being a prankster, turns up dead in Sage's roastery. There are two suspects so far--Now, it's up to Sage to find the culprit--before another life grinds to a halt"-- Provided by publisher

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  • Southerly


    Consiglio, Jorge

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  • The Monsoon War

    The Monsoon War

    Shah, Bina

    Alia Musa is the wife of three husbands in a remote mountain village of Dhofar. When her youngest child, Noor, discovers a group of women who have escaped the regime to take refuge on the mountain, Alia must leave her home, join the Hamiyat resistance, and find out just how far she is willing to go for the daughters she loves, the husband she adores, and the mountain that she calls home. As a promising young soldier in the Hamiyat, Katy Azadeh has found family and home in the resistance. Kidnapped during an unexpected skirmish and taken from the mountains,...

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  • The Blighted Stars

    The Blighted Stars

    O'Keefe, Megan E.

    "She's a revolutionary. Humanity is running out of options. Habitable planets are being destroyed as quickly as they're found, and Naira Sharp thinks she knows the reason why. The all-powerful Mercator family has been controlling the exploration of the universe for decades, and exploiting any materials they find along the way under the guise of helping humanity's expansion. But Naira knows the truth, and she plans to bring the whole family down from the inside. He's the heir to the dynasty. Tarquin Mercator never wanted to run a galaxy-spanning business empire. He just wanted to study geology and read books....

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  • Your Love Is Not Good

    Your Love Is Not Good

    Hedva, Johanna

    "At an otherwise forgettable party in Los Angeles, a queer Korean American painter spots a woman who instantly controls the room: gorgeous and distant and utterly white, the center of everyone's attention. Haunted into adulthood by her Korean father's abandonment of his family, as well as the specter of her beguiling, abusive white mother, the painter finds herself caught in a perfect trap. She wants Hanne, or wants to be her, or to sully her, or destroy her, or consume her, or some confusion of all the above. Since she's an artist, she will use art to get closer to...

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  • The Say So

    The Say So

    Franks, Julia

    "From the award-winning author of Over the Plain Houses, comes a major novel about two young women contending with unplanned pregnancies in different eras. Edie Carrigan didn't plan to "get herself" pregnant, much less end up in a home for unwed mothers. In 1950s North Carolina, illegitimate pregnancy is kept secret, wayward women require psychiatric cures, and adoption is always the best solution. Not even Edie's closest friend, Luce Waddell, understands what Edie truly wants: to keep and raise the baby. Twenty-five years later, Luce is a successful lawyer, and her daughter Meera now faces the same decision Edie once...

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  • Shalash the Iraqi / by Shalash ; Translated by Luke Leafgren ; Foreword by Kanan Makiya

    Shalash the Iraqi / by Shalash ; Translated by Luke Leafgren ; Foreword by Kanan Makiya


    "First (authorized) publication (in any language) of a wildly popular, anonymously written serial novel that started life as a blog during the US invasion of Iraq. Populated by a cast of imagined con artists, holy fools, drag queens, and partisans--as well as some very factual politicians, priests, and generals--this novel started life as a pseudonymous blog written 'live' by 'Shalash' during and after the Second Iraq War. Never written to be published, all but lost save for disintegrating printouts treasured by its devotees, Shalash the Iraqi is here presented in its first authorized translation, with the blessing and commentary of...

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