• The Other Mother

    The Other Mother

    Harper, Rachel M.

    "Raised by a single mother in Miami, Florida, Jenry Castillo, newly arrived at Brown University on a music scholarship, finds himself searching for information about his late father Jasper Patterson, an internationally recognized principal ballet dancer who died tragically when Jenry was two. Jenry thinks his estranged grandfather, Winston Patterson, a professor of African American history at Brown and a titan in his field, might have the answers he seeks. Already more than a little intimidating, Winstonexplodes Jenry's world with one question: Why is the young man so interested in his son Jasper? It was Winston's daughter, Juliet, who was...

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  • My Wife Is Missing

    My Wife Is Missing

    Palmer, Daniel

    "When a woman disappears with her two children, one husband will do anything to find them--even confront the secrets of his own past--in D. J. Palmer's My Wife Is Missing, a twisty thriller from the author of The New Husband.."--

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  • Blame It on the Brontës

    Blame It on the Brontës

    Sereno, Annie

    "English professor Athena Murphy is an authority on the novels of the Brontë sisters. But as they say in academia, publish or perish. To save her job, Athena decides to write a biography of C.L. Garland, the author heating up bestseller lists with spicyretellings of classic literature. Tracking down the reclusive writer and uncovering her secret identity, though, means Athena must return to her small midwestern hometown where Garland--and her ex-boyfriend, Thorne Kent--live. Seeing Thorne again remindsAthena that real life never lives up to fiction. He was the Heathcliff to her Catherine, the Mr. Rochester to her Jane. Not only...

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  • Denver Noir

    Denver Noir

    "Even a city that boasts three hundred days of sunshine a year has its sudden, often violent storms-- and writers have long taken advantage of that metaphor. Renowned authors Katherine Anne Porter, Jack Kerouac, Stephen King, Rex Burns, Robert Greer, Michael Connelly, and Kali Fajardo-Anstine-- among many others-- have brilliantly portrayed this picturesque but often merciless city. Today, Denver is home to a thriving literary scene, with writers of all stripes finding inspiration in its people and streets. The authors and stories featured in Denver Noir are no exception--"--back cover.

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  • The Crocodile's Kill

    The Crocodile's Kill

    McGillion, Chris

    "FBI Agent Sara Carter is mourning the fact that her father was killed trying to stop the abduction of her half sister years before. It's the reason she became a police officer and the reason for her robust policing style. When that style becomes a problem for her resident agent in charge, she is forced to accept a secondment to Interpol in East Timor. There she is assigned to investigate the abduction of babies in the mountains along the country's southern border with Indonesia. Interpol has reason to believe an international racket is involved."--Amazon.com

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  • All That Fills Us

    All That Fills Us

    Lytle, Autumn

    "In a last-ditch effort to make something of herself, an anorexic woman sets out on foot in a cross-country pilgrimage. As she faces the forces of nature and battles her inner demons, she'll come face-to-face with her disorder as she journeys to healing,acceptance, and fulfillment"--

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  • A Healer's Promise

    A Healer's Promise

    Beller, Misty M.

    Levi Masters's time as a British spy hasn't ended, though his country's war with America has. Overhearing a scout reveal a discovery that could give America an upper hand in future conflicts, Levi is sent to investigate. While trekking through the Canadian Rockies, he is conflicted about his life of lies and half-truths. But just as he decides to embrace truth at any cost, warriors from a hidden mountain village take him captive. Village healer Audrey Moreau is more curious than afraid of the outsider. And she's drawn to his commitment to honesty even at his own expense. But despite...

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  • Daddy's Gone A-hunting

    Daddy's Gone A-hunting

    Mortimer, Penelope

    Bourgeois housewife Ruth Whiting is "paralysed by triviality," measuring out her days in coffee mornings, glasses of sherry, and bridge parties--routines that barely disturb the solitude of her existence. Her husband spends his weeknights in town; their daughter, eighteen-year-old Angela, is at Oxford; and their sons are at boarding school. Then Angela accidentally falls pregnant, and Ruth must keep her own past from repeating itself.

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  • Child Zero

    Child Zero

    Holm, Chris F.

    "It began four years ago with a worldwide uptick of bacterial infections...[and] public health officials initially dismissed them as unrelated...Antibiotic resistance soon roiled across the globe...Then New York City was ravaged by the most heinous act ofbioterror the world had ever seen...Detective Jacob Gibson...is home caring for his sick daughter when his partner summons him to a sprawling shantytown in Central Park, the apparent site of a mass murder. Jake is startled to discover that, despite a life of abject squalor, the victims died in perfect health--and his only hope of finding answers is a twelve-year-old boy on the run...

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  • Free Food for Millionaires

    Free Food for Millionaires

    Lee, Min Jin

    Meet Casey Han: a strong-willed, Queens-bred daughter of Korean immigrants immersed in a glamorous Manhattan lifestyle she can't afford. Casey is eager to make it on her own, away from the judgements of her parents' tight-knit community, but she soon finds that her Princeton economics degree isn't enough to rid her of ever-growing credit card debt and a toxic boyfriend. When a chance encounter with an old friend lands her a new opportunity, she's determined to carve a space for herself in a glittering world of privilege, power, and wealth-but at what cost? Set in a city where millionaires scramble...

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